We are the reliable partner in the range of precision- and stainless steel-tubes, profiles and components. 

Precision from the beginning . till the end 

This is our slogan and highest guiding principle. Precision starts with a fast offer and ends with the delivery of the goods in time. We consider us as the extended work bench of our customers between these final processes, whom we present the best level of assistance concerning the tube and tube components. To these belongs the technical consulting, both the elaboration of the most cost-effective conditioning and the exact performance complete with the delivery by our truck fleet. By this the KBS-Rohr is the full-service-supplier you are wishing to have. We will supported by our network of capable and reliable partners at this. 

We have decided to enlarge our storage capacity to about 3.000m a several years ago as well as we have build up our own machine processing department based on increased requirements especially in the range of production- and supply flexibility. We execute large- and also low-batch production on state-of-the-art machinery by attractive prices. 

To enlarge the connectivity to our customers we have build up additional sales departments in southern Germany and Czech Republic.


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